Through the years our focus has always been hair care. We believe it's not only important for your hair to look good but it is also important for it to feel good. Hair should swing and be healthy. In order to provide our signature swing to a variety of clients with different hair types, we provide one on one consultation to everyone who sits in our styling chair.  We then design a custom plan to help each woman reach their personal beauty goals.


Open Tuesday through Saturday, we provide the following services:

Signature Swing
  • Shampoo

    Cleansing the scalp properly is one of the most important steps to healthy hair. For that reason we take great care in each shampoo. Our specially formulated water coupled with a gentle massaging scrub gets rid of build up that prevents hair folicle growth. We offer the following options:


    • Shampoo and blow out
    • Shampoo, set, blow style
    • Shampoo and double-strand twist


  • Process

    When it comes to hair, women have so many options. And although the hair industry is expanding its offerings of hair processing, not all are tried and true. For clients looking to modify their natural hair texture we offer two main options. For optimal hair care and growth we offer an wide array of trusted Relaxers and Perm Waves.

  • Color

    A good color can make all the difference. Many times a subtle change in hair color can give the effect of a complete makeover. Some of the color services we offer are:


    • Color Rinses
    • Semi-Permanent Color
    • Permanent Color
    • Highlights
  • Cut

    Want a sure fire way to grow your hair, then trim it. Damaged ends are one of the leading causes of the appearance of stunted hair growth. We trim and cut hair for maintenance and style.


  • Extensions

    Whether braiding or weaving, we make it look natural. Our extensions are just that an extension of your natural hair and look. Our extensions enhance your look rather than distract from your look. We work hard to achieve this effect and our clients know the difference.

  • Special Occasion

    Every occasion is a special occasion. Whether you're getting married, serving on the platform at church, conducting an interview of a new hire, speaking at a graduation, or vacationing out of town, we can provide the appropriate look. We specialize in:


    • up doos
    • french braids
    • formal twists
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